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 Yoga   part 16

Gentle waves of peace lap at my ankles;
Caressing me with softness, inviting  me deeper.
Yoga reaches out with an olive branch,
The river of Yoga seeks to immerse me.
My soul is bound to the principals of practice;
My core is centered in the Sutras in my daily walk.
My body absorbs the tenderness of the fire of Yoga;
The dregs are burnt away, leaving my soul alone.
Love embraces the nakedness of my stripped soul;
Love clothes me in the robes of the yamas and niyamas.
Focused breath, holding poses; my practice blooms;
Rich in the pastel colors of the pallet of life.
Yoga guides my soul into deeper water of the river;
The currents sweeping my feet from under me.
Surrender to the practice, allowing the river to take me;
Submission, I am somewhere new, another world.
Joining me is my body and my mind in this adventure;
Bound by the cords of Yoga to my soul.
Ambition is shaken free, and then pride;
Stripping me away from the ego of Fred.
Freedom is in the surrender to the highest power;
I am released from the prison of self preservation.
Not my will, Lord, but Your will be done;
Blessing abound in this garden of peace.


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