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Gonna come at you 
like some long lost cousin or lover
Bring' out the best
and the worst in you
one way or another.
Long before God gave Moses
his rod and his staff
About a million years ago and a half
He fell from the good side,
to the bad
we're talkin long past Leroy Brown bad
Mr. B As In Bad
he gonna work you
gonna woo you
gonna do you
run right through you
like you never been had,
'never been had.'

He's not cuttin you no slack, 
you got hooked on hix smack
B as in bad.
He's not watchin' your back
B as in Bad
what chu gonna do
when the deck he stacked
has all the gin cards you lack.
Buddy Blues
got holes in his shoes.
While your two pair
to his full house
means, you lose
Have you heard the news
Bang, bang bee beep 
to you too  Mr. 
. B  As  In  Bad

He gonna tell you 
 'row your own boat
In the dead of winter's chill'
 sprint walk out your door
with your best winter coat
stick you with the bill
You be screamin,
saying "man that ain't  quite fair'
He smile and  say,'take it easy baby
Got a deal for you 
on your long gone underwear.'
Cuz, he's bad
b as in bad.
He gonna work you
gonna woo you
gonna  do you.,
run right through you.
like you never been had
'never been had.'

Just another sucker
on his hook
Too bad you haven't read
his full length play book
Fillet of fish
tastes pretty great
too late.
Very gracious of you 
to swallow his bait   

He's not a bird
don't peck at  crumbs
He gonna take
what he can get from you
 before it comes.

You learned from the best
passed all his tests
Now you're bad too
what chu gonna do
when your bad self
comes stormin on through
Now you're bad,
he's bad, she's bad
we're bad
everybody B as in
B as in Bad.
 Unkept, unclearn, like a Gfrizzly Bear in it's cave
rather be livin in mortal sin than dyin as your slave.
Hats off, three cheers hot damn for the man with the knack.
Full frontal attack. First in line to first hook you, then your momma on smack.
Got all your goodies behind his back.
You know who I'm talkin' bout. 
Mr bang bang bee beep to all of you lillipu.
Mr. B As In Bad.

All copyrights, publishing and editing rights reserved as is by this author

Re-edited 0215/2024 @ 11::46  PM Pacific  Standard Time

Buddy Bee Anthony

B As In Bad.



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