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 “Holy Affirmation”

There is a time in life when all must be exposed,
It is not for one to decipher what is to be enclosed.
The pure and utter truth is that many may not see,
That the time for one to shine starts with in thee.

In this life there are many truths that can be told,
But will all of them help one to conquer the inner self to be free and unfold?
In ones time amongst the many paths one may cross in this life,
It is up to one to remain calm, strong and continue to strive.

One may do this by rejoicing in faith, standing strong, proud and tall,
Forthright in belief is essential most of all.
Do not demoralize any of what the Lord sends to be,
As this could potentially destroy one and create internal misery.

Seek lightness in the dark and rebuke the adverse friction,
By doing so, one will remove all that sets the soul in restriction.
Set oneself free by obtaining the ultimate salvation,
The feeling of appeasement is sustained through holy saturation.

Conquering all that is in ones path shows an abundance of strength and wit,
To know the Lord only gives what one can handle bit by little bit.
Even in the midst of the most unfavorable times of all,
Rest in astuteness and that the Lord will not allow one to fall.

Is life merely a lesson of what is to come in another time?
Is this the first go round and it starts inside the mind?
Ask ones' self as one cannot deceive one's own heart about one's true inner worth,
One's path was previously engraved into one's soul prior to inception through birth.


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