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"A Momentous Commendation"

To be singled out on this day,
Is quite an honor I must say!
To have seen this girl and now she's grown,
Is a blessing from the Lord of everything that's good and soulfully sown!

With a smile of sunshine that pours from a beautiful face,
It is the utmost pleasure to look into the eyes that have such an enduring embrace.
The warmth that surrounds such embracing souls,
Be blessed in all that you do in obtaining your goals.

Stay true to yourself and believe in your gift,
You were set forth in your abilities to make spirits lift.
Let your focus maintain strength and wisdom reflect in your work,
You have been bestowed before all of us to endure since your birth.

The magic in the light is not to remain unseen,
It is in your writings that you will find out exactly what I mean.
Let the truth be told by an exceptional hand,
As there aren't enough good writers and there is a supply in demand.

Watching you grow into such an intelligent, beautiful and endearing soul,
Life is for the taking and for you there is a wish from the Lord's wishing bowl.
Your wish may be granted but do not ask with ease,
Think about what is important and make sure it will appease.

As you are the Lord's child brought to life on this day,
The Lord has been with you throughout your life to help you find your way.
In this life you found yourself and all that life could bring,
I am grateful to have been a part and for that my heart does sing.

Here for you to seek whenever you need a listening ear,
Being proud to call you my sister is something I want to make quite clear.
I loved you then as a little girl and as a sister I still love you now,
This is in honor of one of the Lord's greatest gifts so go ahead and take a bow.

Happy Birthday and may God bless your every hearts desire…


Mrs.Charley 05/2009