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The Fever

Torn from the womb
But you want to stay 9 months more
Then stagger through a school
That doesn't recognize your soul
Feel like you don't belong
Got a long way to go
You've got the fever

The years come and go
As they slowly fade away
Like night time falls
And it swallows up the day
A father gives his rules to son
Revolution's just begun
He's got the fever

His son is restless
Like the people in the streets
They pour like the rain
Down the gutter at the rich man's feet
But they won't take more
The cancer's knocking at the door
They've got the fever

Eve couldn't see past the garden, apple, and tree
She wanted more and saw temptation at her feet
But she didn't know what the world was gonna be
She had the fever

It's like a dream and life is over
And it all has come to pass
The years have come and gone
And your death is coming fast
God is weighing out your future
But the Devil's gonna pass
Your fate's been sealed

Your restless soul is anxious
What are you waiting for?
Time is ticking and heaven's gate is about to close
You can't wait any longer
But you've got no place left to go
You've got the fever