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My grandson is growing, he is now nearly two;
He discovered a new friend, he named it  Blue.
Digging in a bare spot in our backyard he found,
A rock, perfect for him, both smooth and round.

The shovel and rake were thrown to the side;
DJ had uncovered Blue with a big grin of pride.
Now sitting in the middle of the dirt spot playing;
Digging and drawing with the rock, always saying.

Blue! Looking at the rock in his tight little grip;
Blue! Holding it ever tighter so it wouldn't slip.
Blue! He clutched it to his side with loving care;
Blue! Even as he left for home, his rock was there.

Holding tightly while looking up at me from his car seat;
I smiled, seeing dirt all over him, from nose to his feet.
Just before driving home, with his friend brand new;
I heard him say looking at the rock once more, ‘Blue!'


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