Maria Guzvic
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I hate her
She is adorable
The name
On everyone's lips
A beautiful smile
Upon her face
And she has certainly
Got to grips
With the media
Aim their lens
She is elegant woman's icon
One who you could call a friend

There's talk
She is the new Mrs O
Gorgeous Jackie
Was the first
Epitomising chic and Úlan
She has certainly captured
Our thirst
Perhaps that
Was always the plan
The dresses and
Cute cardigans
The flat pumps or heels of fire
The casualness
Or high sophistication

It isn't actually true
That I hate her
I am green with envy
Of course
Of the trim figure,
Stature, exquisite make-up
And firm shoulders
That with little effort
Could easily crack boulders
She is seemingly, effortlessly stylish
OK, her
Husband is President
I might call him one day soon
On the telephone,
On him
My anger I will vent


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