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 Silence in my Soul

Sitting in meditation, my mind begins to slow;
The shouts and screams of everyday life show.
Stress and strain are brought to the seat today;
Wanting to find a moment of escape from the fray.

I begin by climbing into the watchtower of my mind;
Not judging, just watching, allowing me to unwind.
Seeing my thoughts become more quiet as I sit;
Not controlling my thoughts, I simply allow and permit.

Softly a gentle silence begins to hover over my head;
Replacing the chaos from before with peace instead.
My soul begins to smile as it is washed from above;
I am surrounded by the blessings and healing of love.

My eyes slowly close as I revel in this moment of peace;
My heart is healed, my mind calmed,  my troubles are released.
Only fifteen minutes set aside in a day of busy demands;
I hear the silence in my soul, free from worries prison bands.


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