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Blooming Days

While sun stands ready with its embrace
To seek winters blanket and give it chase
A dress of green, fair lady does adorn

The flowers' bulb does stretch and tip
In hopes, Spring rain to gently sip
As it wakens in the early hours of morn

As buzzing bee does flit and dart
The blooming days do mark their start
The world becomes freshened and reborn

Once barren trees show life anew
While lengths of grass shower in dew
Now banished, is the dreary, dark, forlorn

I sit, a spectator am I
Watching billowy white within the sky
Knowing my time too, has finally come at last

As I ponder nature and her ways
I find myself as well in blooming days
Shedding winters blankets of the past

© 5-27-2009

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Blooming Days