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Surrounded by people,  I feel so alone;
I am unable to fill that hole in my heart.
Sensations tingling deep within my soul,
Reaching out to this world for comfort.
The world turns a cold shoulder to me,
Offering nothing but a cold, stark stare.
Screaming out for some measure of love,
I am destined to be alone today, though.
A day of reflection and reassessment,
As loneliness causes me to think deeply.
I think of the hunger within my soul,
This deep desire for acceptance and love.
I realize that the validation of my self worth
Can never come from the reflection of others.
I must love myself, I must feel the peace;
My soul must gently embrace my own being.
Loneliness can only come from needing
That outside value that others give me.
Stability comes from knowing the peace
 Of God in my soul, in my very essence.
Warmth oozes down over my body,
This brings me peace with my own self.
Seeing the ugliness, the demons, the emptiness,
Yet knowing that God loves me for who I am.
No longer searching to satisfy that hunger,
Now full of peace, I am no longer alone.


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