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  Perry Campanella

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 In My Rockin' Chair

Rockin' Chair - Rock rock rock
sounds my chair here will make
solom stare fixed on a mountain top
sip, slerp, my tea, ice clangs as my hands shake

No one expects me to run anywhere,
people call at 9 PM, ask 'Did I wake you?'
worry no, I wait for Heaven, cotton clouds, I stare
Thinkin' Kidnappers ~ are not interested too!

People no longer view me as a hypocondriac
Why ~ at Four PM I can eat my supper
no longer think of speed limits, as challenge, It's a nac
Things I wear now won't wear out, that's super

I can live without ~ sex, but not my glasses
there is nothing left to learn the ole hard way
pests in my garden there, I could care less
Rock ~ rock ~ rock! What else is there to say

O ~ Dear! my eyes won't get much worse,
my joints, accurate meteorologists, my weather service,
braincells, finally down to manageable size, say my nurse
secrets are safe, friends can't remember them either, will cervise

Why! Isn't this a crock
I stare, thinkin' ~ what's left for me to do?
anyone care, I set in my chair, day after day, too ~ rock
I know dears, I too will always love you

In my rockin' chair I shall always Rock - Rock - Rock

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