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His Pure Light

There's nothing as beautiful as the pure Light,
Not the sun in the morn
Or when it rest its wings at the coming night
I want to dwell in the comfort of his pure might,
Like a soul reborn,
Blessed with his holy dreams in the glory of his beautiful beam
No sin can silence his voice;
no matter how much pleasure one might attain therein
Or strength stop the breathe of his wind
There's nothing that can heal our hearts better than his still soft voice,
No even our favorite song which has long since gone into
the drawer of memory's past
But his love forever burnsÖhis word forever last
Surely I have done enough to separate myself from the grip of his handÖ
yet he clings to me as if his own soul was on the line
The strength of his patience is in the love of his time
I'm convinced that there is nothing that exists purer or as deep
Only let him, Jesus my Savior, be my pallbearer when I take my final sleep

Copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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His Pure Light