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 Heart Breaker

Loving  you with all my heart, I'm exposed fully to you,
Your lack of caring hurts me, but that's nothing new.
It seems to me to be vicious as you jab at me in the dark,
Calloused, selfish, I believe you wish to cause me pain.
I love you fully, holding nothing back for my security;
But you treat everything as disposable, including me.
Pain scars my heart, torn repeatedly by your hands,
You have no respect for my wishes, dreams,  or thoughts.
Cruel master of my heart, why must you destroy my soul?
Stringing me along with hope that you'll change someday.
Mean mistreater, you delight in your power over me,
As you receive some kind of self image boost in my service.
You're a heart breaker, but you know it, you revel in it,
Empowered by your personal pet, I am on a leash now.
You tug my chain, I must dance; You say sit, I must obey;
Without a will any longer, you have crushed my dreams.
Unable to break free from this deadly dance, I am broken;
I'm in a heap on the floor next to your chair, looking at you,
Waiting for that moment in time when you acknowledge me.
You scratch me behind my ear, and pat my head twice,
Then return to the football game, your beer, your chips.
My sad eyes look up to you for your attention once again,
But you don't notice me, I speak;  you give me that look!
Fear strikes in my heart as I have displeased you, my master;
I tuck my tail, and lay my head on my paws; shhh… I must be quiet.
I will love you until I die, even though you're a heart breaker.


Written from a dog's eyes when his love is not returned.

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