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 Looking at Love

The most powerful force in all of creation;
Laid down by God as our firm foundation.
All of mankind's true endeavors are guided;
For within the power of love, all is provided.

From our souls to our hearts to the needs;
Waiting for the harvest from love's seeds.
Not from the emotional mind of your brain;
But from the depths of our soul we contain.

God gives us each the gift of love to give away;
The world needs our love to flourish everyday.
We are God's agents to walk this earth in love;
Bringing His love to whosoever we conceive of.

Looking at love we can see the vacuum in the world;
We raise the flag of love, in the breeze it is unfurled.
Heaven on earth can be attained if we look inside;
Walking in love today with each and every stride.


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