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 Squabble of Division

This is my personal opinion, in no way reflection the position
of the Covington Paperworker's Union.

In December of 2006 was born the Covington Paperworkers Union;
From the seeds of discontent with the United Steel Worker's International.
Separated now from the table of negotiations and from our communion;
Both sides of this battle each need to become much more rational.

Judges and lawyers have widened the gap between my sisters and brothers;
A stalemate had been existing since the vote was brought into question.
Our differences are being hashed out by folks from Washington and others;
As neither side has stopped to hear the other side, there is no discretion.

Now the International is negotiating with the company without the majority;
Reaching into their bag, attempting to strong-arm the rebels into submission.
I question the tactics, the reasoning, the wisdom, as well as the authority;
As they ignore the many angry voices of the other group that is in opposition.

Without a voice, without a vote, even without an ear to hear the proposal;
Is this the International's plan for bringing the two sides together in peace?
No, it is forging ahead on a technicality, throwing the others into the disposal;
The tensions, the discontent, the separation has become more on the increase.

I am always a peacemaker, not an extremist by no stretch of the imagination;
Yet, this situation leaves me alienated from the International, my feathers ruffled.
I shout rebellion from the rooftops, now you might understand my frustration;
We are the CPU, we will not simply go away; our voices will not be muffled!


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