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 RAINY DAYS (Free Style)


~Rainy Days~

Today is not a nice day.
The weatherman says they will be more rainy days
Outside it is very cloudy and gray
And the suns hiding away.

Some times this weather is hard to bear
But it is not very strange to have this here
We usually obtain lots and lots of storms and rain
Especially when the hot and long summer days begin.

The rain keeps pouring hard outside
It's raining  like dogs and cats
The day is sombered gloomy and hot
And rivulets of water fills every nook and spot.

Most showers can be a blessing kind of sublime
But not  so, when it rains so much all the time
Oh no! I've just seen it! Another lightining seems to had split the sky
Open and the sounds  of thunders  are still frightening to me.

I'm just praying that tomorrow is a whole brand new day!
Hoping the sun comes out of its hiding place and brightens everything in
Then there won't be no more storms and thunders peeking thru the blue sky
It would be so nice to have no more showers and rains at least for a while again.

Meanwhile the rain persists today and still falls down my face
I'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what kind of weather takes place
If the day will be still rainy or if it will just turn into a nice and fair day
Well, let's see what happens! All this rain may stop all of sudden later on today!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

June 15,2009

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