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 Tropical Island

Outside reality, deep in the caverns of my mind;
Sitting on the most beautiful island I could find.
The seas are calm, the breeze is warm and gentle;
Relaxing comes easy here, both physical and mental.
A hammock is stretched out between two palm trees;
Overlooking the coral cove and the tropical seas.
Lying there, relaxing, with a fermented coconut drink;
You ask if I'm alone here? No, I say with a smile and wink.
My lovely tropical island partner is my wonderful wife;
We could easily be stranded here for the rest of our life.
Without communication with anyone in the outside world;
All of life's technology and comforts into the sea I hurl.
Just the two of us, wearing nothing but a great big smile;
The island isn't very big, from end to end it is about a mile.
Without ever the need to know the time, date, or year;
The tropical sun caresses our souls as we live our lives here.
Unlike unwilling castaways, we don't search for an escape;
Sitting here on the beach, scanning our tranquil seascape.
Love comes easy when all life's distractions are not there;
We are enjoying our tropical island, living without a care.


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