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  Grendal the Evil One...Pt 1

  The deadly mist echoes in from the forest encircling the whole village with a dreadful fear,
  gathering in the Great Hall of Lights...
  for safety and reassurance from their king -

  Windows and doors are barred tight, for tonight Evil lurks about...
  the knights gather ready with swords in hands ready to fight this Evil of the night
  but sleep overbears their manly bodies and even they succumb from their duties -

  As night gathers deeper and all is silent within the darkness of the Great Hall...
  Suddenly the Great Hall doors swing open, smashed into pieces with an almighty roar...Evil
  swoops around like a deadly wind terrible untold and electrifying - bodies are thrown and  
  torn to pieces amongst the rafters, the brave knights swords drawn are no match for this!
  she tears them to shreds like rag dolls,

  The King is her prey, but as she is about to extinguish the brave Monarch a ray of sunlight
  beckons through a crack in the rafters, this fiend lets out a terrible cry...shattering
  brave as he always is the king lets out a giant blow with his mighty sword and again ...
  this monster lets out a terrible cry, before clutching up the kings youngest daughter
  and in a whirlwind of dust flies through the open doors and vanishes into the dark forest

                  To Be Continued...


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