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im so dumb

Going insane
Thinkin' your name
Did you know I do -
Dream about you
I think you're amazing
But gotta stop chasing
Nev'a gonna feel the same 'bout me
Thingz will never be-
The way I want it to be
My dreams don't come true
Just thought I'd inform you
It just creeps me
Comes up behind me
The thought of you
The thought of loving you
But being rejected and killed
My heart heavily filled
With knowing you dont want me
Dont love me
Probably never will
I've realized the deal
But I feel like I've givin' my heart away
Feel like it everyday
I love you - dont want to say so
Just dont know what to do
Just dont know where to go
Cuz I know you could care less
About my heart and its crazyness
~DaYnA e. 2/24/03

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im so dumb