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 The Awakening

The most significant event in a human beings life is brought on by grace;
Without any actions on my part, no effort can make it happen; simply it is.
By grace a spark within an instant of time lets me see behind the veil,
I separate my tangled mind just long enough to recognize the reality.
The present moment invites me into this new dimension of living,
I become a new creation on the inside at the moment of the awakening.

Without any accolades or trumpets blaring, I am ushered into freshness;
But I now have a choice; to continue to chose to grow with the moment,
Or chose to allow my ego to regain control of my life, smothering my purpose.
Einstein said “ I want to know the mind of God, the rest is details.”
His insight that the revelation of grace is mankind's true purpose;
No matter my choice of alignment, this spark exists from the moment of awakening.

It cannot be destroyed, but the ego will try and deceive and alter my course;
My eyes are now opened, but am I awake? Do I choose to live in this moment?
Or do my thoughts bind me back up into another meaningless existence.
The mind of God is consciousness without thought; presence it is also called;
The rest is all other thoughts, just details, trivial in comparison.
Jesus said,  “Sell all you have and give it away” at the moment of awakening.

This walk is a daily walk of grace and faith as my life becomes more present.
Thoughts become the servant of presence, no longer the master of my life.
I become alive not only to this inner purpose for my life,
But with persistence, my outer purpose can be grasped and fulfilled.
I become complete with the my life's destiny on this day of full alignment.
Created within me and around me is a new earth at the moment of awakening.


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