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Dead End Track


No point in travelling the same dead end track,
The path it is bitter, and under attack,
The tired tainted promises strewn all around,
And nothing takes root on dry shallow ground,

Move on through tomorrow relinquish your pain,
Walk barefoot on grass and dance in the rain,
Sit in a garden and hear the birds' song,
Find the place for your heart, a place to belong,

It's time now to change, start taking control,
You have all the answers; they're deep in the soul,
Meditate for a moment on where you have been,
Did the path you have chosen live up to the dream?

Where humanly possible, dreams can come true,
You can pray all night long but it's all down to you,
God gives us the answers, understanding we lack,
And there's no point in travelling; the same dead end track.

Linda Stuart Harnett © 2009


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Dead End Track