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 Wreckage on the Rocks

I have been sailing in fair seas for some time now looking for life;
The log book on the bridge shows that the ship is on course.
Storms have stayed at a distance, as I see them on the horizon
Without approaching this vessel; I am lulled by the calm waters.
The lookouts see no dangers to the port nor the starboard;
The bow and the fantail are also clear with the blessings of Poseidon.
Then suddenly today, in our midst an island appears, a tropical paradise!
Unmapped virgin territory,  these shores draw me closer for exploration.
My cat-like curiosity compels me to come closer to this appealing shoreline;
I see a safe harbor surrounded by rocky cliff columns, I come closer.

I see the riches of this foreign land drawing me still closer;
My lust for the wealth of this place overwhelms my wisdom.
I give the command to steer for the safe harbor a mile ahead;
Two sheer rock columns protect this portage from the seas.
With a slim cushion on either side of the ship, I sail into the jaws of this danger;
Without concern of the safety of my crew, I see only the wealth and adventure.
I have always dreamed of being a conqueror and here is my chance;
This fresh new land invites me to her shores, look straight ahead.
Looking not to the port, nor to the starboard as we slowly cruise forward;
Suddenly a rip tide tosses my boat as I sail between the rocky gates, control is lost.

The rocks explode huge holes in the hull of my ship, the waters surge in!
My crew abandons me as I watch my ship disappearing in the waters.
I look to that shoreline; the glimmer is now gone, I only see a broken promises.
This vision of beauty was a phantom as I now see death waiting for me;
Without hope, I abandon ship into the cold waters and begin to swim.
I crawl onto the rocky shoreline and watch the mast dip below the seas.
The crew is nowhere to be found, I am truly alone on this rocky shore.
The seas swirl around me, all that meant anything to me is swallowed by the depths;
I am now a castaway on an island of my own making, stranded by my greed and lust.
The perils of the rocks didn't inspire wisdom to rise, as I fell to my lower self.

Wreckage on the rocks.


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