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 Heart on Fire

Passion surges throughout my veins;
Beating quickly, my chest constrains.
My pulse is felt within from every beat;
From the top of my head to both my feet.
A song from within this does inspire;
Springing forth from my heart on fire.

Love has struck me between the eyes;
I thought I was ready, but it is a surprise.
Overtaking my mind, body, and soul;
I am now completely out of control.
Powerfully overwhelmed by this desire;
My love for you has set my heart on fire.  

There is only one solution for my condition;
Embrace the source of my heart's ignition.
Open myself to you and allow our love to be;
As I tell you my feelings under the old elm tree.
I love you, I now sing from the roof like a choir.
Bursting into flames within, my heart on fire.


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