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I watched in the growing darkness
And I could really feel his pain
Constantly checking his watch
As he stood in the pouring rain.
Usually I walked to the village
But it being one horrendous day
I'd caught the hourly bus and
Came there by a different way,

I'd seen him immediately standing
In a doorway off the street
Opposite the house
Of the one I'd gone to meet.
So I slipped into the bar
No need to be hurried
And his being there
Had me really rather worried

For my lover was another's
And even though they'd fought
And she lived there on her own
We both dreaded being caught.
I saw his shoulders slump
By now he couldn't really care
If half the British army
Went and called on her.

He'd done his bit
For his mate
But he was wet
And it was late.
I downed my Pils,
Watched him out of sight
Then crossed the street
To her arms that special night.

I thought I loved her dearly
And it nearly made me cry
When the parting finally came
And we had to say goodbye.
We laughed as we remembered
That night I caught a bus
And purely by chance avoided
Any scandal or nasty little fuss.

Then she held me in her arms
And said I think you know
Nothing is forever and now
It's really time for you to go.
Maybe I was just a distraction
To a hurt and deserted wife
But her memory remains special
Across the ensuing years of my life.

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