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 Comfortably Numb

Gentle waves of a false peace tries to sooth my heart;
I am aware of the deception, but I desire to be lulled.
Even if the words have no reality, I devour them fully;
Hungry for that tranquil fix to become comfortably numb.

Turmoil, strife,  and collusion suck the life from my soul;
The delusion is offered by the powers that be.
Freedom comes by swallowing this lie with all the garnish;
Spin doctors do their magic, now I'm comfortably numb.

The drug of this false peace is the placebo for the masses;
Shuffling back and forth through their daily tasks unaware.
Not wishing to think, not wanting the pain, slipping deeper;
Deeper into the drone of the lie, feeling so comfortably numb.

My mind has been dulled by this drug of peace so I won't think;
I know that the pain and agony comes from reality, so I ignore it.
This gentle false peace cradles me into an early grave;
A thoughtless zombie roaming the land feeling comfortably numb.

Will I realize this early demise of my soul and shake off the shackles?
Or is the lie so good, so comforting; that I refuse to look?
Just leave me alone, I don't want to think any longer;
Let me be, my fantasy dances in my head, I'm so comfortably numb.


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