Perry Campanella

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Five Senses

                               See a moment in life when time passed, I say
                           like a new pearl added too, upon a string of others,
                                transends, crystalize into your present,

                             Touch someone with your words of wisdom, know
                               your remark transends, becomes their own,
                                 solidifies into their cercumstances,

                           Speak from your mind, that which came from your heart
                                  so too, truly touch one, anothers soul,
                                        like a breath of fresh air,

                              Hear sounds of nature, whispering winds enchants,
                               like ancient mariners set a message in a bottle
                                 sent by sea, too anyone, for your well being,

                                Smell fragrant flowers that will come your way
                           some unexpected, your senses, six, found sence of direction,
                         will bring you joy, love, feeling of peace, on any given day