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 Reflections of My Heart

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Chapter 32 ~ The Dueling Poets ~ The She Devil Went to Canada

The Dueling Poets
Aka Mickey Ray Writes
The She Devil Went to Canada
Chapter ~ 32


* * * My Revised Lyrics * * *

The devil went up to Canada.
She was lookin' for a write'n duel
She was in a bind 'cause she was way behind,
and she was willin' to make a deal,
when she came across this young man
writen' on a poem and writen' it hot.
And the devil jumped up on a hickory stump
and said,Boy, let me tell you what.

I guess you didn't know it
but I'm a poem writer, too.
And if you'd care to take a dare,
I'll make a bet with you.
Now, you write pretty good poem, boy,
but give the devil her due.
I'll bet a pen of gold against your soul,
'cause I think I'm better than you.

The boy said, My name is Buzzard,
and it might be a sin.
But I'll take your bet, you're gonna regret,
'cause I'm the best that's ever been.

Buzzard, sharpen up your pen
and write your poem hard,
'cause hell's broke loose in Canada
and the devil deals the cards.
And if you win you get
this shiny pen made of gold.
But if you lose,the devil gets your soul.

The devil opened up her purse
and she said, I'll start this show.
And fire flew from her fingertips
as she raised up her pen.
And she slid the pen across the page
and it made an evil hiss.
Then a band of demons joined in
and it sounded somethin' like this:

When the devil finished, Buzzard said,
Well, you're pretty good, old girl,
but sit down in that chair right there
and let me give it a whirl.

Fire on the ocean.
Run, boys, run.
The devil's from the Land of the Rising Sun.
Gators in the Canal pickin' out ducks.
Granny, does your cat scratch? No, child, no.

The devil raised her head
because she swore she'd never be beat.
And to never lay that pen
on the ground at Buzzards feet.
Devil said, 'Buzzard,
come on down South
if you ever want to try again.
Cause I told you once, Sugar Britches,
I'm the best that's ever been.

Fire on the ocean.
Run, boys, run.
The devil's from the Land of the Rising Sun.
Gators in the Canal pickin' out ducks.
Granny, does your cat scratch? No, child, no

Now My Dear Sweet Ray
This pen of gold
Back across the falls will I take
because Not a Poet you claim so bold?

This prize of the gold pen
is the ground on which we battled
Four is now down to two
and the miles I alone have traveled

We Stand upon your home turf
to put your claim to rest
we will battle it out here
and bring our very best


Your heart and whit
you will need to use
or this pen of gold
you will quickly lose...

So let the games
one more time begin
to see who will cry uncle
and who will conquer this pen


This pen I will not leave
behind at your feet
Get outta the kitchen
if ya cant take the heat

So pick it up if you dare
and get ready for some fun
For everybody knows I live
in The House of the Rising Sun

The Mouth of The South
Donna DeLong Matthews
May 2009

Charlie Daniels
The Devil Went Down To Georgia

The whole series can be found
in the Bookshelf on my page at the Starlite Cafe...


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