Straight To The Heart

Never Say Goodbye

In loving memory of Aunt Doris Anderson
You are loved and missed
July 5, 2009

Today we shed many tears
as a loved one has slipped away
Knowing she is no longer with us
in our lives from day to day

Pain wrecks havoc on our hearts
and there is an empty place in our soul
But please try to remember
today, Doris was made whole

God tapped her on the shoulder
and told her, "It's time - your mansion's ready"
Then He took her by the hand
now her footsteps were sure and steady

She arrived at the Pearly Gates
St Peter was standing there
He told her, "Look, for there is Heaven,
and it's yours to forever share"

Doris smiled the smile we all know
as her Jesus took her hand
He said, "My child welcome home
you are now in Canaan's Land"

He told her, "All the saints in Heaven
are gathering to welcome you home,
And your family is waiting to greet you
with a reunion of their very own"

Momma Dee was there awaiting
she was dressed in purest white
Ora Dee hugged her and said, "My sister
everything is now alright"

Estelle, Bob and Junior
welcomed their sister as well
They said, "We now have forever
and so many stories to tell"

Then Grandma came up beside her
and welcomed her with open arms
She said, "Doris it's good to see you,
now you're safe from sickness and harm

Larry was practicing music with the angels
with a song they'd prepared to share
And the sound echoed through the Heavens
as they sang Sweet Hour of Prayer

Here on earth we feel a loss
and many tears we will cry
But Doris is with her Heavenly Father
where she will never again say goodbye

July 5, 2009 © Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Never Say Goodbye

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