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Celebrate Life

Down trodden life, sentenced earth-bound sorrow
with a sparkle of happiness just for good measure
A glimpse of silver and gold tomorrow
to remember all to be kept as treasure

Well-to-do life, an affluent hell
every whim tended, necessity bought
Content on the outside but really unwell
no challenge given, no lesson taught

Life is not spent at either extreme
life is a scale of give and take;
deeds that are rendered while living the dream
and lessons learned at misfortune's sake

We're not here to judge if one's paid his dues
unworthy to judge as we are all
Not here to predict win or lose
unable to count each rise and fall

Rather, live to the fullest day to day
coveting triumphs over pain
Celebrate life in a giving way
and looking for rainbows in times of rain


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Celebrate Life

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