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The man in the mirror can not find his face.
He looked into it and almost died of fright.
Those never ending deep soft piercing eyes looking straight ahead into the soul within the mirror.
Thousands of images reflected in each one in the mirror.
Pictures within the mind flashing back forward from brain to eye to image displayed.
Random images that the mind can grasp and some too painful to even glance at visualized in the mirror.
Whose face is it really?
One you can not stand to see?
Or the one you know you can trust?
Where is the change?
Where is the justice?
Where is the human being that everyone loved so much and loved to ridicule?
Where were we when the mirror broke and cracked into thousands of different pieces?
Each piece a part of the whole but so separate showing the universe within a 10 by 20 area.
Can we put the image back together without the glue of the person to hold it together?
What will you do with your mirror?
Where will the reflection in the 10 by 20 area take you?
Will your universe make the change the man asked for?
Can you find your face in the mirror?

  Ragingheart 071009- dedicated to Michael Jackson, who blazed across our universe on his way to freedom

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