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 Four Day Break

Working the Southern Swing shiftwork schedule;
Once every twenty-eight days a four day break comes.
Freedom from the alarm clock for a few days;
My days completely my own.
I feel like a kid on that last day of school before summer break.
My wife is even sharing the first two day with me;
It's been a long time coming.
My thoughts of the papermill will fade soon;
Lost in the freedom, lost in the peace.
I have no clue what I will do, but I can do whatever I want;
Time is under my control, my choices are numerous.
This sense of freedom is not truly real;
As my destiny has chosen my path, I will walk where I will walk.
But there is still a deep joy in this following the bird of destiny;
I will not only walk that path with joy, I will dance!
Creativity surges from my soul, words come flowing through my pen;
My mind settles away from the daily activities,
Peace shuttles this creativity to my heart.
Bubbling like a cauldron of love;
I dive into the deep end, swallowed in this emotion.
I can only say that I love these days
That are called a ‘four day break!'


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