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 Bacon's Revolution

In the year of 1676 in the colony of Virginia;
Nathanial Bacon rallied the poor to fight.
Their war was against the Natives and the British;
Burning the capitol in Jamestown,
Attacking randomly the Natives.
With a stockpile of brandy and an orators way;
Bacon raised an army of 500 men,
Poor white, as well as black indentured servants.
The Declaration of the People of Virginia,
Presented by Bacon on July 30, 1676
Pronounced freedom from the British rule.
British reinforcements came to the rescue
To fight against this band of revolutionaries.
Scattered across the colony, Bacon now dead;
Twenty three men were hung by Governor Berkeley.
This was the beginning of the end for the British;
As the colonies began to reach for freedom.
The next one hundred years would prove at test;
Until the uniting of all the colonies in 1776.


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