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 Sweet Fruits

Ripe, sweet fruit; ready for the picking.
Orchards of desire, a bounty of delight.
Hanging so low, tempting me with taste;
Tantalizing my mouth, my senses excite.

Juice running down my chin as I take a bite;
Pears, peaches, apples, apricots, dates.
Mmm, I have returned to the Garden today;
Wondering why Adam had tested the fates.

When life is this good, and blessings that great;
Why cannot this satisfaction bring peace.
Then I see that tree that forever tests mankind;
My senses crave for this complete release.

My soul is connected to these sweet fruits;
Powerless to resist their soft sirens call.
I am drawn to cross life's boundaries;
Once again, sweet fruits leads to my fall.


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