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 Spiderwoman's Kiss

Leaning against a tree watching the full moon sky;
I feel something crawling on my left hand and I look.
A large widow waits for my reaction to her presence;
Unusual, I think, as I welcome her into the moment.

On this lonely night a spellbinding woman now stands;
Her pale skin has never been touched by the sun's rays.
Raven is the color of her short hair, her eyes crystal gray;
Her lashes are long and sultry, beckoning me closer still.

Lush red lips, moist and soft, her kiss is as sweet as sugar;
As her lithe body tantalizes me with rewards of pleasure.
Entering an embrace with this woman, passion boils over;
Making love for a timeless moment suspended in my life.

We reach the climax as our passion writhes in the grass;
Then I feel the marching of millions of tiny legs all over me.
I am immersed completely in an ocean of black widow spiders,
They bite me, the woman morphs back into that large widow.

She watches with delight, impregnated with my seed;
I am consumed alive by her servants, save for my heart.
This is brought to her, still beating, for her dining pleasure;
I have been fully consumed by the Spiderwoman's kiss.


Idea for this poem came from a photo I saw today.

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