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Don't Forget

Don't Forget
From the day she was born, until she got older
I was the only man that she wanted to hold her
When she woke up crying in the middle of the night
It was my face she saw at the appearance of light
I held her tight and said it would be alright
And she would fall asleep with me in her sight
And when she scraped a knee, it was me
I put the band-aid where it need to be
I carried her in the house, sat her on the couch
And kept her tears from running in her mouth
I made it a big issue, went and got the tissue
Rocked you until you stopped crying as I gently kissed you
When you became a teen, picture this scene
We would sit up late and talk for hours our normal routine
You would ask me questions, and we would reminisce about the past
Like the cars we used to have
The places we used to live, the trips we've taken
We were best buddies if I'm not mistaken
Now you're fourteen and you've changed so much
We live in the same house and don't keep in touch
You never sayĒ I daddyĒ when I come home anymore
You no longer give me a hug when I come through the door
You use to say goodnight, sleep tight, but let the bed bugs bite
Now you just go into your room, close the door and turn out the light
Sometimes you act like I've done you wrong
When all I'm trying to do is give you a good home
I try to give you the life that I never had
I try to make you proud to have me as you dad
But now I guess your friends are more important to you
But you don't understand the pain you are taking me through
I know that some day I'll have to let you go
But that time is not now, trust me I know
All I really want is to see you use your own mind
Don't join in with the crowd and go following behind
Everything your friends do is not good for you, and everything you see is not good for you
Take your time growing up is what you should do, don't let thatĒ I get to do what I want" mentality fool you
There is a lot more to being grown up than that
And once you cross that line you can never go back
I'm not preaching to you all I want to say is I love you
And I'm here for you, I know what you're going through
I really have been there my self
And you have to do what's right for you and nobody else
People will tell you to do this and do that
But when you get in to trouble they won't have your back
Boys will say you're pretty but set you own pace
Because sometimes he is just waiting for the next pretty face
Always be a lady and demand respect
Don't leaning misuse you and don't stand for neglect
Whatever you do, don't you forget
You are my little girl, you're not grown yet

For my oldest Daughter Mattice
J. Moore

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Don`t Forget