Poems for Lovers and Sinners 
  Oliver Plaice

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 Demons With Me

  It  seems I need rearranging as I hear thunder in my ear

  as I look through my glazed eyes all I see is fear

  somewhere deep inside it hurts so much, I need you honey

  put me on the right road and behind the wheel and steer

  You were no sunshine but, I need you with me can't you see

  get your self together, come and take it all and free me

  for love is all I'm seeking, and I haven't found it yet!

  your my Savior my God, my forgiveness you are me, take it...

  And when I awake in the night screaming, it's not your fault

  take no notice for its the ghosts of my past haunting me

  tugging and toeing with my soul they plague me each night

  wanting salvation for the sins commited long long ago...

  you stay by my side through thunder and storm and flashbacks

  much stronger than I am for your commited, loving and sincere

  you could walk away and say forget all this I need something better

  but you stay by my side and work those Demons with me...


Written By B. R Walker
Copywriter UK 2009    

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