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Effort extended, stretching my zone of comfort;
Running along the riverbank, enjoying the moment.
Sweat beads form, running with me in support;
As I give this run my all, a full one hundred percent.

Burning my eyes as I continue, blurring my vision;
Footstep after footstep, plodding along the trail.
The pathway splits, now I must make a decision;
Along the river I stay, not choosing over hill and dale.

The heat of the day is modified by the tree lined shore;
Yet this effort soaks me though all of my clothes.
This is a labor of love, I never consider it a chore;
As a side benefit to this joy, my fitness level grows.

The miles pass, each with there memories of this run;
Occasionally passing another soul  along the path.
I hear the sound of the river, my footfalls, I feel the sun;
As I pass through the trees, taking a perspiration bath.

Come here and give me a hug; feel my cool, wet embrace;
My breath returns to normal, finished; I stand by my truck.
Endorphins flow through my blood, my stress I replace;
Perspiration has transformed me, with joy I am again struck.


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