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 A Friendship's Birth  (duet w/July03)

A duet with my dear friend June   (july03)
Also posted on her site /july03

Who would have thought it would last this long, or that it would still be going this strong.
We have grown closer together, you and I, as we know in this friendship we always belong.
I can relax, knowing that you got my back, picking me up when I fall down in the mud;
My friendship with you isn't based on the obvious, which is that you are a handsome stud.
It's based on the kindness, the goodness, and the warmth that we both give and receive.
We edify one another through honest and open words, you make me want to really believe.
I agree with you, seeing your beauty under the mimosa tree, that this is something more;
You have crept into my heart, and you are someone that I have come to strongly adore.
You're always here for me, even when I don't say that I'm needing you this particular day.
Whether happy or blue, joyous or sedate; you set before me a beautiful floral bouquet.
My life has been blessed by your presence, I'm enriched by your consistent love and care;
You can't find a wonderful, complete, loving, lasting, friendship like ours, just anywhere.

I'm really glad that we stumbled upon each other in the 'by chance' way that we did;
Responding to your poetry, as at first the true meaning from each of us had been hid.
The Creative Pen's poetry board brought us together, destiny forged our friendship tight;
Our poetry disclosed our emotions, feelings, hearts, and spawned a friendship so right.


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