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I Remember, Recalling


I don't know what brought you to mind,
But tonight I clasped a moment,
Held it in my heart and lived it,
The thought fluttered and made me smile….
I saw your face, beaming with the largest grin,
Your eyes twinkling with devilment…
And love….

I have always loved you,
I will always love you,
From here to beyond,
And I have missed you …

And now remembering,
Only once did we venture out,
My time with you spent indoors,
You taught me well,
The ways of the card school,

Oh, Grandad,
I remember…
Three card brag,
And a mean poker hand,
You taught me,

I was five years old….
And the thought just made me smile….

Linda Stuart Harnett ©July 2009

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I Remember, Recalling