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 Sweet Fragrance

I'm walking by your side immersed in that sweet fragrance;
Tantalizing my senses with rapture, opening my soul to love.
My mind reels back to a forsythia bush that mesmerized me;
Flowering boldly, standing in the backyard of my childhood home.

That scent you are wearing brings to me those secure feelings;
Teenage passions felt once again, surging throughout my body.
Distance of the time from those days are bridged in an instant;
Ushering in the delight of those Spring afternoons full of promise.

Long before my Dad and Mom split up, those days of tranquility;
When love had the ideals in my young head of being forever and a day.
Hope of finding a true love to share my life with was without question;
As that sweet fragrance you are wearing  tells me that you are the one.


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