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"Absolved from despair…"

In all my days there has always been one thing that is clear,
But rest assured if one is unable to listen then one will not be able to hear.
That in life one must look deeper into one's self,
Reflect on all the blessings and consider their soulful wealth.
One must learn to trust what one can not see,
One must forgive those that trespass so that one's spirit may be free.
There is a spirit soaring inside of me and definitely inside of you,
Although one may not know it surely, this is positively true.
Quiet ones self to make one aware,
One can not give if in total despair.
Believe in the life that the Lord giveth to you,
This is not only in my words but is biblically scripted too.
Learning the ways of life through many trials and tribulations,
One must always have a haven to reflect considered a personal sanction.
A place where one can just be,
It is a peaceful paradise where your spirit can run free.
Life passes by so many souls,
Lost passing days and then unattained goals.
The wretched dark gloom of the every day things,
Sometimes begin to wrap around one's mind to create an impossible scene.
If one is aware that the mind is the devil's playground and can be conquered without out will,
Would you even try to listen by being perfectly still?
If it does not make sense it is indeed not the works of the Lord,
One must look into one's self and realize that the evil has explored.
Explored into a position to carry reign throughout one's life,
One will become weary as this can subtly impede ones stride.
The stride to new beginnings and all things that are good,
If these words of gibberish are clear then the meaning is understood.
Through the Lord embodied through the Holy Ghost may one be privy to the light,
As a prophet, I am here only to seek truth within the Lord and all his might.