Beautiful Disaster

Wither Shall I Wander

Wither shall I wander?
Wither shall I go?  
T'is my decision for the making
And still I'll never know

For my   heart is restless
And shan't much longer be contained
Neither by the fears I've created
Nor the times I've been pained

They say the greatest gift
Is giving of thyself*
Not trinkets of affection
Nor vast amounts of wealth

I haven't much to offer
But what I've, I'll gladly share
A hope for everyone's success
And a heart that truly cares

Living as an idealist
Is not a hopeless dream
But rather the twinkle of an eye
That has yet to find its gleam**

And so wherever I shall wander
And wherever I shall go
I'll aim to help those shining stars
One day find their glow

But whilst so much
I cannot foresee
There are some things
I know with certainty

God is with us always
Lest we may forget***
As He sent His Son before us
To pay off all our debt

We've got to learn to laugh
At the jest we know as life****
Some things we cannot change
Why worry over such strife

And from the sleeping seed
Nestled deep in the ground
I've unleashed a tiny sprout
Faithfully upward bound

And I'll continue to grow
Regardless of what I bloom to be
Forever staying to true
To whom I claim to be

With a passionate soul
And love in my heart
With peace on my mind
All from the start

Then wherever I go
I'm sure to succeed
Because all that I have
Is all that I need

Quotes by:
*          Ralph Waldo Emerson
**          Henry Ford
***          Rudyard Kipling
****          John Gay

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