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 Alejandro Manuel Pena

Time had come for Manuel to leave
A place called home where once a seed
Was he who took 9 months to grow
Out of her womb, pushed out he'd go

Rise he would just like sunshine
At 3:28 AM  Alejandro would whine
OK don't push, just take it slow
I'm out now mom, now where to go

Into hands, who's this, wheres she?
As we hang upside down freely
That land lady who saw me out
I payed my rent whats this about

Then smiles he'd see upon 3 faces
Some with tears, to them he traces
Voices he's heard from whence he came
They whose lives this day would change

And so begins a family's chapter
Of here and now and happily after
He feeds upon dear mothers breast
Asleep falling, on dads chest rest

Welcome and GOD bless my new nephew
Alejandro Manuel Pena
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