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  Terry Ireland

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 Just watching thinking

She walks about the room humming
As she dusts and tidies and cleans
Leaving behind a trail of fragrance
That shows just where she's been
So engrossed with her tasks
I'm not quite sure she's aware
That She is not alone
That I am even there

My eyes follow her
From place to place
The contented smile
Drawn on her face
An intimate moment
That fills me with desire
Just watching her now
Sets me all afire

I am thinking of her lips
Meeting mine in a kiss
With my wandering mind
Thinking of other bliss
Then I feel her glance
She's smiling there at me
And I shake my head
To set my mind free

And I smile back at her
Feel those moments end
As I assume again the role
Of one of her best friends
She grins at me again
Looks at me with trust
And I know I will never ever tell
How she fills my mind with lust

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