Tattoos in Mayberry

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In hay fields and open water
He clears brush to work the land.
Tending sheep on highest mountain top.
Drives herd through Rio Grande.
Rests briefly in sweet clover,
for a chew, his only friend, Red Man.
And the heartache's never over,
for a hard drivin' man.

Fishing day and night in deep sea waters.
His achin' body works his plan.
Pushes hard till arms fall out their shoulders,
not unlike a well cooked ham.
There'll be no respite til sun up.
Then schools come in again.
No peaceful sleep forthcomin'
for a hard drivin' man.
Up at dawn waterin' the horses
Flaggin' balls for sports grand slam.
Slings the hash on chain gang road crew
Pays his debt to Uncle Sam.
In this hell, he finds his solace,
it's his God's master plan.
Another day of bone break work
for a hard drivin' man.
So, when you see him on the highway,
over windswept, sea or sand.
Show him loving kindness
He built the town you're livin' in.
Paved the roads you tramp all over.
His dusty trail has no end
and the heartache's never over
for a hard drivin' man.
and the heartache's never over
fore he's one hard drivin' man.

Buddy Bee Anthony

Copyright 2010

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Hard Drivin Man