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 Shell Where my Soul Lives

I look in the mirror and I see my face looking back at me.
Curious; so familiar, yet, distant; I'm unable to connect;
Reaching out from within myself to embrace those lonely eyes.
This old shell where my soul lives is not perfect, by no means;
But it is mine to care for, like keeping a coat of wax on my truck.
I begin to connect with those isolated eyes, searching for a friend;
My soul loves this body, but my mind doesn't see that; it's scared.
The mind wants to be the one in charge, to be the king of the hill;
But that separates me from the power of my soul, leaving me fractured.
Logic dominates the mind, along with self protection and  isolation;
The soul is guided by love and by the power of God's Spirit.
My body serves the master of my interior, be it mind or soul;
As the mind does not become subservient without a struggle.
Victory comes when the mind and the body serve the higher purpose
To which I was born; empowered by the soul to touch this world.
When this shell where my soul lives becomes integrated with mind;
This being that I am then crowns the soul as master, guided by love;
I become whole.
My destiny is fulfilled.


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