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 C'est La Vie! (That's Life!)

It's October once again and the autumn air is cool and thin.
I wonder how many more colorful autumns will I witness again?

Once long, long ago I can remember a golden autumn in
New England.
The sound of music drifting over the city park…
”Mona Lisa, men have named you…”  

Time stood still, life was good and I was young.
Mona Lisa stays for ever young,…
but now I've grown old.

Oh! Where did those young days go?
I keep asking, but no one seems to know!
Tears of regret and tears of sorrow will not bring
back yesterday or enhance tomorrow.

Those beautiful golden leaves,
bright yellow harvest moon,
and with that, life has quickly
passed me by all too soon.

The man in the moon constantly smiles
for he surely knows.
Life…like autumn comes and goes.
But, we shall all remember for whom
the bells toll!

C'est la vie!

Jackie R. Kays
© 9/20/08

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