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Beneath this sea of forgetfulness
Lies a former self
And the sins wrought my other's felt

As far as the eye can try to see
Cast into the abyss
That something may rise to live

Water and blood flowed
Plunging me to the depths below
Where only the wretched go

His holiness forcing the currents upon me
This rugged Calvary
Also becomes the death complete

As my sins carve His hands and stain His brow
He reaches out with love
When no one else knows how

He says, "die with Me"
Drink of the blood I shed for thee

Plunging me into the soul so deep
Facing the Creator underneath

Out for the count
Screams the demons of doubt

Baptized in the water of Calvary
Death swallowed up in Victory

He calls me by my name
Forever changed
Marked with blood
We rise from the flood

Even the demon of doubt unshackles guilt
Crumbling come down the walls so intricately built

He hands me a sword
Calls me warrior

Baptized with fire
His only desire
Formed and fashioned in the image of the Son
An ultimate conquest already won

Weakness now becomes strength
Penetrating ever part of our being
The King inside
Hidden behind
Dirt clay eyes

Yet this fire cannot be denied
Remains while someone else utterly died

Something else altogether lovely
Energy current beckons come alive
As resurrected Christ
No longer I

Who is this you see?
All together complete Simplicity

For death for her has already been
Swallowed up in Victory!


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