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It Shall Rain

Every time the death fairies dissemble,
The Seraphs make an appearance and
Celebrate the birth of a new rose
Or the fresh aroma that devours the twilight and murk…
The stars will interlude like confetti aloft the sky and
The grave ends up closing for the night

These affairs are just a gala occasion that last only
Until one demon decides-
He can no longer stand -the sound of peace.

On this day (like many others)
They danced like ring-around-the-rosy…
A witty show around my physique
Some cherubs watched, and with good hearts
Encouraged me to just part company…
But my strength, too, becomes lazy.
And I, too, end up watching the
Polluted laughter dancing by

They know I love him.
They also know people aren't patient,
And some, not understanding.
They know my belongings are scarce.
Sometimes I invest all my love into one box.
Yes, they know this – they live here too.

But nevertheless, when he goes,
The angels will mourn and the demons will bash
They will continue to whirl
And it shall rain.

-Dayna Elizabeth Lunstrum © 2009

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It Shall Rain