Dear Chris,
I looked up your IP address to see whom said poetry is not my thing
and I should give it up.  You commented on my poem ETERNITY OF LOVE
and said it was bad.  I will have to read it again to see if so,
but the reason I am commenting here is because I think you should
own your comments that you make about other poets.  Now I am the only
candy, Candace and heartunes on here and I do put something to
recognize that when I comment on your poems.  I get sick of negative
stuff being unclaimed by the critic.  I think for an education in nursing
not poetry, I write some stuff that is cr@p and some that is good.  
I feel sorry for you in your poems because if they are true you are a
distant man and no wonder your wife does not have any passion for
you anymore.  Continue to live in your life of Windsor and
kiss my a$$ and I will write poetry until I die.  
Further, I pay for my site here and you are only on as a free-be.  
I can see why other poets besides me get upset with you.  
You are a loser!  I hate seeing bad on my comments, but
I will go see how bad the poem you berated is.  If you do not
think I deserve to write poetry, maybe you can pray to God that
I lose my hands so I never will again.  GGGGGGGGGGgRRRRRRRRRRrRR

8/7/2009 1900 CJ
Poet cj of heartunes

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